A Web-based trading automation platform, written in Kotlin
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CryptoTrader is a system for automating crypto-currency trading transactions, based on different signals and trading strategies.

Why am I building it?

I have spent a significant portion of my free time over the past year, targeting my machine learning efforts into predicting price trends of various crypto-currenties. As a result, I have gathered a set of Python-based scripts and Jupyter notebooks listing various strategies each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Why a Spring Boot Project?

I have said it many times that Python is my secret love. The language and the ecosystem of libraries are simply a bliss to work with. The combination of Python, Jupyter Notebook and the available ML libraries that are just a pip install away, makes it incredible easy to sketch ideas and see their potential. Yet, when it comes to developing a more complex system that builds off all those separate ideas, the years of JVM experience I've gathered simply turn the decision in their favor.