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@@ -13,12 +13,15 @@ You'll need the RMagick gem installed first, on OSX you may need to install imag
#### Meeting the requirements on Mountain Lion
- $ gem install rmagick
+ $ gem install rmagick
If this complains about imagemagick not being found, install Homebrew (
$ brew install imagemagick
+To use the EXIF option, you must have jhead installed, see below for more
### Installation
@@ -28,15 +31,27 @@ If this complains about imagemagick not being found, install Homebrew (http://mx
-q no STDOUT ( except for single file JSON )
-b create backup of any optimized files ( prefixes with original- )
+ -e add EXIF tag to prevent double processing ( must have jhead installed )
### Usage
- $ smushkid path/to/directory desired_quality -b -q
+ $ smushkid path/to/directory desired_quality -b -q -e
### Example
$ smushkid wp-content/uploads 75
+### EXIF
+to prevent double processing on subsequent script runs, tag the EXIF metadata
+with the string "smushkid" using jhead:
+GH mirror here: <>
+eventually this would be nice to have baked-into RMagick or at least use a ruby
+wrapper like this one:
directory = directory you want to process JPG images in
@@ -51,7 +66,7 @@ map at 32 bit, and compresses to desired quality level.
-#### Read more about image quantization:
+#### Read more about image quantization:
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