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open (book) publishing infrastructure

Pressbooks is a small company based in Montréal, Canada. We make open source book publishing software and provide a SaaS offering to help individuals and institutions quickly and easily share their ideas. Our core product allows users to publish books to the public web and produce exports in multiple formats, including EPUB, PDF, and various XML flavours. The system is built on top of WordPress Multisite but makes significant changes to the admin interface, web presentation layer and export routines of a standard WordPress installation. For more documentation, see

Pressbooks is used by educational institutions, academic presses, small publishers, as well as individual authors. The Pressbooks Directory contains links to thousands of free books published using Pressbooks, most of which are openly licensed and educational in nature.

Support Pressbooks

While Pressbooks is free & open source, creating, improving, and maintaining this project takes time, effort, and money. As a result, we invite our open source users to help ensure the long-term sustainability of this project. Our favourite kinds of support are:

  • financial contributions
  • code contributions and testing
  • helping other open source users on our community forum.

If you are an institution using Pressbooks and would like to help sustain Pressbooks financially, please consider hiring us to host your institution's Pressbooks network.


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    Open publishing. Open web. Open source.

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    McLuhan is the default book theme for Pressbooks.

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    Aldine is the default root theme for Pressbooks.

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    A Vue.js frontend for the Pressbooks Directory

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