CAS SSO Integration for Pressbooks.
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Pressbooks CAS Single Sign-On

Contributors: conner_bw, greatislander
Tags: pressbooks, sso, cas
Requires at least: 5.0.3
Tested up to: 5.0.3
Stable tag: 1.1.2
License: GPLv3 or later
License URI:

CAS Single Sign-On integration for Pressbooks.


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Plugin to integrate Pressbooks with Central AuthenticationService (CAS) single sign-on architectures.

Users who attempt to login to Pressbooks are redirected to the central CAS sign-on screen. After the user’s credentials are verified, they are redirected back to the Pressbooks network. If we match a Pressbooks user by CAS username (stored in user_meta table), the user is recognized as valid and allowed access. If no match, then try to match a Pressbooks user by email (and store a successful match in user_meta table for next time). If the CAS user does not have an account in Pressbooks, a new user can be created, or access can be refused, depending on the configuration.


composer require pressbooks/pressbooks-cas-sso

Or, download the latest version from the releases page and unzip it into your WordPress plugin directory:

Then, activate and configure the plugin at the Network level.

Read the integrations documentation for more info:

Security Considerations

Set the PB_CAS_CERT_PATH environment variable to configure validation of the CAS server. Used by CURLOPT_CAINFO for peer and host verification:

putenv( 'PB_CAS_CERT_PATH=/path/to/cachain.pem' ); // Path to the CA chain that issued the CAS server certificate

Advanced Configuration

The email can be filtered, example: add_filter( 'pb_integrations_multidomain_email', function( $email, $uid, $plugin ) { /* Custom use case, return $email */ }, 10, 3 );

Because this plugin uses the fabulous apereo/phpCAS library, many other configuration variables can be tweaked.


Pressbooks CAS Administration.



  • Update README
  • Update apereo/phpCAS to 2aaad20


  • New pb_integrations_multidomain_email filter
  • Update apereo/phpCAS to 5ad9c1e


  • Bump minimum PHP to 7.1 (#17): #18
  • Switch to Pressbooks Coding Standards (#16): #18
  • Switch to wp dist-archive for release build (#14): #18


  • Semantic versioning starts here.
  • Improve code to get contact email.


  • Fix build.


  • Redirect to the page the user signed in from (network homepage or book homepage).
  • Clarify error message when CAS is set to "Refuse Access".
  • Fix unwanted slashes when button text has apostrophe.
  • Fix Travis CI build script.


  • Demo for Open source Slack channel.


  • Initial release.

Upgrade Notice


  • Pressbooks CAS Single Sign-On requires Pressbooks >= 5.6.5 and WordPress >= 5.0.3