The server that powers the Recommended plugins tab in Pressbooks.
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Pressbooks Recommended Plugins Server


This repository contains the very simple node server (powered by hapi.js) that returns results for the Recommended Plugins tab in Pressbooks. It's a fork of the original by Secret Pizza Party.

Feel free to fork this repository to power your own server.


  • You'll need node 6+ (7.6+ ideal) to run this
  • You should probably have yarn installed, but you can get away with just npm
  • Install with yarn (or npm install if you prefer the old school route)
  • Start the server with yarn start (or npm start I guess)
  • OPTIONAL: add a filter to the pb_recommended_plugins_url hook which returns the URL of the host where you're serving the API from.

Adding Plugins

We welcome PRs which suggest useful plugins for Pressbooks environments. Criteria TBD.