Core jDocBook functionality used by gradle-jdocbook and maven-jdocbook-plugin
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This project provides the core jDocBook APIs and functionality. Generally speaking, tools are built on top of jdocbook-core to allow users to leverage its usefulness. 2 such tools are the plugins for Maven and Gradle.


jDocBook Core uses Gradle ( as its build tool. Here is a list of resources to obtain more information about Gradle:

Release procedure

./gradlew clean build
// Change "version = " to $releaseVersion
gedit build.gradle
git commit -m "Preparing release $releaseVersion"
git tag -a $releaseVersion -m "Tagging $releaseVersion"
./gradlew clean build publish
// Close and release staging repo
// Change "version = " to next SNAPSHOT
gedit build.gradle
git commit -m "Done release $releaseVersion, prepare next SNAPSHOT"
git push origin master
git push origin $releaseVersion