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+##Part 4: Noun Puff Animation → [Watch Screencast]( "Watch Part 4: Noun Puff Animation")##
+[![Part 4: Noun Puff Animation](]( "Watch Part 4: Noun Puff Animation")
+In this episode I finish the Noun object by adding a hand-drawn 'puff' animation to its materialize and dematerialize sequences:
+- Draw the puff animation frame-by-frame in Flash
+- Code up the puff animation and control its playback by piggybacking the tweens we're already using to materialize and dematerialize the Noun
+- Create a system that spawns and destroys Nouns automatically in a little cloud in the center of the screen
+- Load up [Underscorejs]( "Underscorejs") because I'll be using the library extensively moving forward
##Part 3: Materializing Nouns → [Watch Screencast]( "Watch Part 3: Materializing Nouns")##
[![Part 3 - Materializing Nouns](]( "Watch Part 3: Materializing Nouns")

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