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Great work James!

I finally had a chance to sit down and enjoy your series-so-far tonight.

Here are some thoughts I had, hope it helps.

  • Generally, the Presstube "branding" on this is really, really satisfying. Beautiful touches abound like the block-letter-stylus-writing, animating-desktop (part-1 end), background drawings, ambient music. Maybe it's just becomes I'm uber tired but it was like a wicked neon-glowing psychedelic code-trip. Thoroughly enjoyed. I was sad when it ended.
  • Your voice-tempo, intensity, loudness, etc. is pretty much spot on. Either you're a natural or you spent conscious effort getting this right. My ears wish you thanks!
  • It's fun

  • When you're annotating sketches in your gfx editor, it would really help to use a distinguishing color. Maybe red? You could get fancy and use differing category colors too, but at the very least
    something other than the sketch's color! =)
  • In terms of 'strategy', I wonder if you could always end your session with a refactoring? The idea would be you begin with a small spike, and then end with cleaning it up. It's hard if you don't
    want to bust your ~10 minute limit, I realize. Perhaps an alternative is you make a refactoring video after each part like so: part-1-setup -> part-1b-refactoring -> part-2-x ->
    part-2b-refactoring -> .... Either way, I feel a regular refactoring stage would help you revisit the key-points of a given screencast while making sure your next one begins from a clean slate. The discipline required
    to do this also seems consistent with the dicipline you exercise in terms of sketch > code?
  • minutia
    • Instead of bash use zsh. Easily get started with: oh-my-zsh:
    • maybe better than oh-my-zsh:
    • When screencasting hide your bookmark-bar
    • Do you have Safari 6? It has a new console system, quite a bit nicer visually. But you may still find the Chrome one more intuitive for your needs.
    • when screencasting maybe remove the toolbar icons of your browser (i.e. the yellow guy next to the LR button)?

I'm looking forward to Part 2.


presstube commented Oct 4, 2012

1st of all, Thanks! So happy I could provide you with a "wicked neon-glowing psychedelic code-trip"! Makes me very happy to hear it described that way.

I did really try hard to get the voice levels ok, so I'm glad that worked for you. It was recorded through a pair of iPhone headphones though which I might try and upgrade for future entries; they're just so convenient. don't have to break out my external sound card and nice mic etc.

Distinguishing color for whiteboard session
absolutely! Now when I look at part-0 I am sorely tempted to redo it to bring it up to speed. I kindov blasted it out in an attempt to get the ball rolling and was more than brutal about letting shitty details go (I have a problem not releasing things due to pickiness so may have overcompensated with a sloppy part-0). I may redo it later but first want to make a couple more episodes to see if things tighten aesthetically any more..

refactoring to close each session
Very interesting idea.. I'll definitely consider that moving forward. I might do a handful of episodes of just blasting around through code, then an entire episode about refactoring, as that's closer to how I really work and I think it might be cool to see a larger block of messy code get cinched into something clean. but maybe per session would be better in terms of taking the medicine one spoonful at a time.

All great, thanks!

  • Gonna check out zsh.. I have already been scolded for hanging out in the bash ghetto by my hosting company : )
  • bookmarks, check!
  • safari 6: I use chrome b/c I'm used to their profiling tools.. especially heap snapshots to hunt for stray references which I am going to get into in the next entry.. can't seem to find out how to do that with safari, do you know how?
  • remove icons.. check!

Thanks Jason, I really appreciate you taking the time. You've got an eagle eye!

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presstube commented Nov 8, 2012

Hi Jason, I'm gonna close this issue, cool?

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