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Cyclic Vacuum Cannon

Cyclic Vacuum Cannon Title Screen

The Cyclic Vacuum Cannon is a contraption that steals objects from elsewhere in time and space, then spits them out to propel itself forward and/or blast enemies. It's a concept from my sketchbook that I've been wanting to bring to life for a while, so I chose it as the inaugural project for my Code Journal.

♥ James (@presstube)

Episode 0: Brainstorming → Watch Screencast

Part 0 - Brainstorming In this episode I break a concept drawing of the cannon into its constituent parts, take a first crack at naming them, and think out loud about their responsibilities & relationships. Starting a project this way helps me get a better understanding of what I'm in for, and decide where to start building.

Episode 1: Setup → Watch Screencast

Part 1 - Setup In this episode I do some chores that are necessary before we can get to the fun stuff:

  • Create an open source repo here at GitHub
  • Briefly introduce my choice of tools
  • Put together a workspace & workflow so we can start building!

Coming up next...

In the next episode we'll fiiiinally get down to the fun part: rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty building the cannon itself.

About Presstube Code Journal

Part 1 - Setup I love watching people work. It's one of my favorite ways to learn. In case there's anyone out there who feels the same way I've decided to start a code journal where I step through the creation of projects from their pre-code planning phase, all the way through to their finished form.

I plan to release each journal entry as a short, 10-15 minute screencast. Each entry will correspond to a branch in that project's GitHub repo so you can follow along, and/or take off in your own direction.

I have several kinds of people in mind while making this journal:

  1. Like-minded curious folk, coders and non-coders alike, who might find it interesting to peer over someone else's shoulder while they make something weird and personal.

  2. People who are a lot better at this stuff than I am who might get a chuckle or a sigh out of the clunky way I'm doing something and point me in the right direction on how to improve. Suggestions & critique will be incorporated into future entries. Pass that tasty knowledge juice on!

  3. People who are new to programming and might like to be exposed to some fun, deliberately impractical, highly visual code.

Get in touch!

Questions, comments, requests, daydreams?

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