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Just because you're hunted doesn't mean you're helpless.

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  • Avoid and/or destroy your foes until they swarm and overwhelm you despite your immense dogfighting prowess.
  • Controls:
    • left,right,up,down arrows to maneuver
    • space to fire pee sword
    • s to fire seeker
    • shift to boost


  • Because making a crappy game more fun than playing a good one.
  • I am a JS noob and want to get my code reviewed by others who know what they are doing.


  • Grant Skinner's Easel.js to ease me into JS with some handy AS-like objects and a much needed display list for canvas.
  • Underscore.js b/c it is mighty handy.
  • jQuery hotkeys plugin (slightly modified to fit my purposes) for reliable keyboard input.
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