A symfony 2 bundle that provides tools to build a rich application sitemap. The main goals are : simple, no databases, various namespace (eg. google image), respect constraints etc.
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PrestaSitemapBundle on Knpbundles

PrestaSitemapBundle is a Symfony2 xml sitemap generator.

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For a ready to use demonstration of PrestaSitemap you should check the prestacms-sandox available on github.

Sandbox is also deployed for a live demonstration :



  • Sitemapindex
  • Google images, video, mobile and multilang urls
  • Respect constraints (50k items / 10mB per files)
  • No database required
  • Optionnal caching (using DoctrineCacheBundle, disabled by default)


  1. Installation

    composer require presta/sitemap-bundle
        public function registerBundles()
            $bundles = array(
                new Presta\SitemapBundle\PrestaSitemapBundle(),
        resource: "@PrestaSitemapBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"
        prefix:   /
  2. Usage

    For static url there's annotation support in your routes :

     * @Route("/", name="homepage", options={"sitemap" = true})

    Or YAML support:

        path: /
        defaults: { _controller: "AppBundle:Default:index" }
            sitemap: true

    Or XML support:

    <route id="homepage" path="/">
        <default key="_controller">AppBundle:Default:index</default>
        <option key="sitemap">true</option>

    For complexe routes, create a Closure or a Service dedicated to your sitemap then add your urls :

    use Symfony\Component\Routing\Generator\UrlGeneratorInterface;
    // ...
        function(SitemapPopulateEvent $event) use ($router){
            //get absolute homepage url
            $url = $router->generate('homepage', array(), UrlGeneratorInterface::ABSOLUTE_URL);
            //add homepage url to the urlset named default
                new UrlConcrete(
                    new \DateTime(),
  3. Decorated url (images, videos, etc.)

    The doc is already really short ;)


You will find the detailed documentation in the following links :

Ask for help

💬 If you need help about this project you can post a message on our google group


Pull requests are welcome.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed already.

This project is supported by PrestaConcept

Lead Developer : @nicolas-bastien

Released under the MIT License

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