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Changing the defaults

You may want to change the UrlConcrete default values:

# config/packages/presta_sitemap.yaml
        priority: 1
        changefreq: daily
        lastmod: now

Or choose the default sections for static routes:

# config/packages/presta_sitemap.yaml
    default_section: default

Time to live

You may want to change the default 3600 seconds max-age set when rendering the sitemap. Edit the following configuration in your application.

# config/packages/presta_sitemap.yaml
    timetolive: 3600

Also this value is used by the cache if you have installed and configured doctrine_cache.

Configuring your application base url

If you are going to use sitemap Dumper to create sitemap files by using CLI command you have to set the base URL of where you sitemap files will be accessible. The hostname of the URL will also be used to make Router generate URLs with hostname.

# config/services.yaml
    router.request_context.scheme: http

Note: You may noticed that there is nothing specific to this bundle. In fact, doing this you just allowed your whole application to generate URLs from the command line. Please have a look to Symfony's official documentation for more information.

Disabling annotation listener

The listener that provides annotation support is enabled by default. To disable it, add the following configuration to your application.

# config/packages/presta_sitemap.yaml
   route_annotation_listener: false

Items by set

You can change the default maximum number of items generated for each sitemap with the following configuration. It cannot break the maximum limit of 50,000 items and maximum size of 1,000,000 bytes. The default value is 50,000.

# config/packages/presta_sitemap.yaml
    items_by_set: 50000

Caching the sitemap

Sitemap can be stored in a cache.

PrestaSitemapBundle uses DoctrineCacheBundle to cache things. You need to install the bundle and specify what kind of cache system to use with this bundle.

For example:

# config/packages/doctrine_cache.yaml
            type: array
            namespace: presta_sitemap

Changing default services

Both sitemap generator and sitemap dumper services can be changed within the configuration.

# config/packages/presta_sitemap.yaml
    generator: presta_sitemap.generator_default
    dumper: presta_sitemap.dumper_default

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