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use annotations to mark routes for inclusion in the sitemap #12

tonypiper opened this Issue Apr 5, 2013 · 5 comments

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Hello, inspired by I've created a listener that allows you to use annotations to include routes in the Sitemap.

Does this have a place in PrestaSitemapBundle? If so, do you want me to integrate it?

iamdey commented Apr 5, 2013

Hello, this feature could be great in prestaSitemapBundle and can help developers to quickly create their sitemap.
But how do you think the urls can be decorated ?


Glad you like it. The envisaged use case was for static site pages (/about, /privacy etc). I can't see how you'd be able to describe anything more complex with an annotation but don't know how many people use the decorators so this might not be a problem for most of us!

iamdey commented Apr 7, 2013

Ok I suppose people who needs advanced sitemap should define their own listeners.
So, could you also provide unit tests for your class and eventually apply checkstyle fixes?


Here you go, David. I've enabled it by default - is that OK? Let me know and I'll write some docs too.

iamdey commented Apr 9, 2013

Following the conversation on #13

@iamdey iamdey closed this Apr 9, 2013
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