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Ping CRM on Clojure

A demo application built with Clojure + ClojureScript to illustrate how Inertia.js works.

This is a port of the original Ping CRM written in Laravel/PHP + VueJS to Clojure with Integrant, Ring, Reitit, next.jdbc and ClojureScript Reagent.

There is a hosted installation of this demo available at


Clone the repo locally:

git clone
cd clojure-inertia-pingcrm-demo

Run the application

Build the front-end

npm install & npm run release

Run the back-end

clj -M:run

You're ready to go! Open http://localhost:3000 and login with:

Run the application on development (REPL)

Run the front-end with JS and CSS hot reloading

npm run dev

Run the back-end REPL

clj -M:dev

Once REPL starts, run the system:


Open http://localhost:3000

External resources

License & Copyright

Copyright (c) 2021 Prestance / Michaël SALIHI. Distributed under the MIT license.