Smarty plugin allowing to call a Prestashop hook directly from a template file
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Smarty Prestashop Hook

With this Smarty plugin used in a Prestashop online shop, you will be able, as a module developer or a theme designer, to call Prestahsop hooks directly from your templates files.


Just put the function.pshook.php file into the tools/smarty/plugins directory

How to use

In any template file (.tpl)

You can call any Prestahsop hook :

{pshook name='myHook' data=$useful_data var=$a_var_from_the_template}

With :

  • myHook the name of the hook you want to call here
  • $useful_data and $a_var_from_the_template variables to be passed to the modules using the hook

In a module file

The hook callback function will be called with one parameter. This parameter is an array containing the parameter named as the one the template

function hookMyHook(Array $params) {
    // do something with $params['data'] and $params['var']