Commits on Nov 7, 2018
  1. Add unprocessed catalog properties to query events

    dain committed Nov 7, 2018
    If a query fails before execution is created, catalog events may not be
    processed and are not added to the query events.
  2. Revert "Fix memory leak for failed queries"

    dain committed Nov 6, 2018
    This reverts commit 353ecee, which
    containes a temporary work around for a leak caused when the final
    query info event is not fired for failed queries.
  3. Fix race condition in remote task final info visibility

    dain committed Nov 6, 2018
    Add separate final task info listener to ensure correct final info visibility.
Commits on Nov 6, 2018
  1. Fix leak of failed/aborted queries in coordinator

    dain committed Nov 2, 2018
Commits on Nov 4, 2018
  1. Add required minimum number of workers to start query

    dain committed Oct 18, 2018
  2. Add abstraction to track minimum worker requirement

    dain committed Oct 17, 2018
    Add listener interface to NodeManager
  3. Force node manager refresh after TestingPrestoServer add catalog

    dain committed Oct 18, 2018
    Fix race condition in TestQueryStateInfoResource
  4. Fix IntelliJ warnings

    dain committed Oct 17, 2018
  5. Require resource group when creating QueryStateMachine

    dain committed Oct 15, 2018
    The resource group is selected before creating the query, so it is cleaner to
    simply require it during construction.
  6. Use query id from session where available

    dain committed Oct 15, 2018
    Instead of having a separate parameter for query id use the query id in the session.