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UI for hsp-marketplace-server. Written in AngularJS.
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Marketplace UI

The Marketplace UI is web-based frontend for Marketplace Server, and requires an instance of the server to be launched.

Developer Quick Start

This is an AngularJS 2 project using grunt as the build system, pug for HTML templates, SASS for CSS and Bootstrap for layout. npm is the package manager. Assuming you already have node installed via brew install node or similar:

npm install -g grunt typings
npm install # to install project development dependencies
typings install # to install TypeScript declarations

To run in development mode, just:

ng serve # to serve the project and automatically recompile on file changes

Visit http://localhost:9000 and do your thang. :)

Building for Production

First, build:

ng build # to build your local copy with any local changes

Then, assuming you've already familiar with Docker awesomeness and have it installed, plop the build into a wicked-fast nginx web server container using the including Dockerfile with:

docker build -t p3000/hsp-marketplace-ui:latest . # though you probably want your own repo and tag strings :)

Production Deployment

Extremely easy in your existing Dockerized hosting environment by pointing it at your Marketplace Server installation. Just:

docker run -d -p 9000:80 --restart unless-stopped -e "MARKETPLACE_SERVER_URL=http://localhost:3000" p3000/hsp-marketplace-ui:latest # or any official tag

And you're done. No environment variables or further configuration are needed. Jedi's may use your existing Kubernetes, Open Shift etc installations as you see fit. :)


Apache 2.0

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