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Data comparison and analysis tools for 23andme raw data files.

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An unofficial Ruby library and command-line application ("youandme") for quickly parsing 23andme raw data files into a plain Ruby structures for quick processing and analysis.


gem install youandme

Command-Line Usage

The primary command-line script is "youandme", which generates a simple side-by-side comparison report for two given 23andme raw data files. To generate the reports, grab a few raw 23andme data files (from, SNPedia etc.), and compare them like so:

youandme --directory <output_directory> --left <23andme_data_file.txt> --right <23andme_data_file.txt>

After the script completes, four plain-text files will be placed in the specified directory in the following formats:

  • MultiMarkdown version of the report.
  • report.ltx LaTeX version of the report.
  • report.html HTML version of the report.
  • report.css Stylesheet for the HTML file.

For "full" files, this will take a LONG time to run. (As in, probably more than 24 hours.) I recommend breaking down the data files into chromosome-size chunks, and running each comparison through this script individually.


Preston Lee


Copyright (c) 2011 Preston Lee. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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