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Books n Brew

Bringing together two things you love- books and coffee.


The purpose of the Books 'n Brew app is to connect someone with an e-book and a coffee shop. Maybe someone ends up in a new city with some spare time. They could search for a book and then find the nearest coffee shop to read at. The app can provide driving and walking directions to the coffee shop they find.

Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Google Books API
  • Google Maps and Directions APIs

You can see a live demo here.

User Guide

On the landing page click the button to get started.

Books n Brew landing page

On the next page, search for an e-book.

Books n Brew landing page

On the third page, search for a nearby cafe to read at.

Books n Brew landing page

On the fourth and final page, you will find an external link to the book you selected, to purchase, and directions to the cafe you chose. You can toggle between driving and walking directions. If your browser didn't detect your location you can manually enter that in to get directions to the cafe.

Books n Brew landing page