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Multipart + Presigned URL upload to AWS S3/Minio via the browser
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Multipart + Presigned URL upload to AWS S3/Minio via the browser


I created this demo repo because documentation for multipart uploading of large files using presigned URLs was very scant.

I wanted to create a solution to allow users to upload files directly from the browser to AWS S3 (or any S3-compliant storage server). This worked great when I used AWS SDK's getSignedUrl API to generate a temporary URL that the browser could upload the file to.

However, I hit a snag when dealing with files > 5GB because the pre-signed URL only allows for a maximum file size of 5GB to be uploaded at one go. As such, this repo demonstrates the use of multipart + presigned URLs to upload large files to an AWS S3-compliant storage service.

Components used in this demo

  • Frontend Server: React (Next.js)
  • Backend Server: Node.js (Express), using the AWS JS SDK
  • Storage Server: Minio (but this can easily be switched out to AWS S3)

How to run

  • Clone the repo and change directory into the repo
  • Open three different terminal windows.

Storage Server

In window 1, run:

# Set up the Minio server (ignore this if you are using AWS S3)
# Minio docs:
minio server /data

Note: Set the S3-compliant bucket policy as appropriate to allow the right access

Backend Server

Replace the following code in backend/server.js with your AWS S3 or S3-compliant storage server config.

const s3  = new AWS.S3({
  accessKeyId: '<ACCESS_KEY_ID>' , // Replace with your access key id
  secretAccessKey: '<SECRET_ACCESS_KEY>' , // Replace with your secret access key
  endpoint: '' ,
  s3ForcePathStyle: true, // needed with minio?
  signatureVersion: 'v4'

Note: If you are using AWS S3, follow the docs on the AWS website to instantiate a new AWS S3 client.

In window 2, run:

cd backend
npm install
node server.js

Frontend Server

In window 3, run:

cd frontend
npm install
npm run dev

Upload File

Go to http://localhost:3000 in your browser window and upload a file.

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