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This alert script creates cards in hipchat that are expandable to reveal useful links to the alert. This uses the new HipChat v2 API. HipChat API Info

####Add a new media type to Zabbix

Alt text

Point the script to the bash file if your having trouble getting the python script to run directly.

Define the parameters like so.

  3. You subdomain name for the HipChat URL
  4. HipChat v2 API Key
  5. FQDN of your Zabbix installation including http(s)://
  6. Image to use for recovery/OK Messages(Optional)
  7. Image to use for Problem Messages(Optional)

The images are optional but you must provide both if you are using them.

####Add a new user for each HipChat room in Zabbix

For each room you want to send to create a user and add a contact type of HipCard to it.

Alt text

Set the Send to field to the HipChat Room ID you want to use for this user contact.

####Create a new action in Zabbix

Alt text

The Subject doesn't matter its not used to alert HipChat. Format the Default and Recovery Messages like so.

name: "{TRIGGER.NAME}" id: "{TRIGGER.ID}" status: "{TRIGGER.STATUS}" hostname: "{HOSTNAME}" event_id: "{EVENT.ID}" severity: "{TRIGGER.SEVERITY}" url: "{TRIGGER.URL}" description: "{TRIGGER.DESCRIPTION}"

The alerts look like the following in HipChat.

Alt text

You can click the down arrow on the card to expand the alert to reveal more information and links.

Alt text

  • Clicking the name of the Alert will take you to the Event's view in Zabbix filtered to the trigger for the last 7 days.
  • Clicking More Information will take you to the Description page of the trigger in Zabbix
  • Clicking Events will take you to the Event's view in Zabbix filtered to the trigger for the last 7 days.
  • Clicking Acknowledge will take you the acknowledgement comment screen for the trigger.
  • Clicking Trigger Link takes you to whatever URL you set within the trigger itself.

Addtional information listed on the card is

  • Status - This status of the trigger which is also duplicated in the title of the card.
  • Severity - The severity of the trigger.
  • Hostname - The hostname or IP of the host the trigger belongs to.

Message Colors

The colors of the message vary depending on severity level.

  • Green Messages
    • Recovery Messages
  • Grey Messages
    • Not Classified
    • Information
  • Yellow Messages
    • Warning
    • Average
  • Red Messages
    • High
    • Disaster
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