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Send emails based on a Django template
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Send emails with Django templates


Create a template


{% block subject %}Subject{% endblock %}

{% block text %}Hello from {{ name }}{% endblock %}

{% block recipients %},{% endblock %}

Send the template:

from import send

send("myemail.html", dict(name=name))

This will send a text/plain email message using django.core.mail.EmailMessage to the specified recipients.

You can optionally add an html block to send a multipart email, or specify the html block only, which sends a text/html email.

Providing a request context

You can provide the request argument to have your email rendered using RequestContext instead.

def myview(request):
    send("myemail.html", dict(name=name), request=request)
    return HttpResponse("ok")


Install using pip:

pip install django-email-template

Install from github:

pip install -e git+git://

Running tests

Use the command in the tests directory.

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