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A copy of Django recipe that only generates the project and control scripts.

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This is a buildout recipe for setting up a base project and wsgi file. It started as a fork of djangorecipe, mainly because I wanted to learn how it worked, which installs Django from SVN and does a lot of other things. This is stripped down now just to set up scripts in the Buildout environment and to generate the wsgi file. It doesn't install the Django package because I believe there are better recipes to do that. I also edited the project template that djangorecipe used as a base.

Example Recipe

parts = python django django-project
eggs =
extra-paths =

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
interpreter = python
eggs = ${buildout:eggs}
extra-paths = ${buildout:extra-paths}

recipe = zerokspot.recipe.git
repository = git://

recipe = thechristmaspig
project = example
script-name = django
eggs = ${buildout:eggs}

Supported options

The recipe supports the following options.

The name of the project directory to use or create.
The name of the settings file for the project. Defaults to settings.
Paths to extend the default Python path for the generated scripts. Defaults to the extra-paths parameter of the [buildout] configuration.
The name of the scripts created in the bin folder. This script is the equivalent of the Django normally creates. By default it uses the name of the section (the part between the [ ]).
You can set this to a specific url conf. It will use the project.urls where project is set by the project option.

Sandbox Installation

Use the following commands to run a demo of this package.

$ git clone git://
$ cd thechristmaspig
$ python
$ bin/buildout -v
$ bin/django test

Why the Name?

Because all the good names for Django Buildout recipes were already taken.

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