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AWS Lambda Watermark service for S3 images
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Watermarking for images in AWS S3 using AWS Lambda.

This module places a watermark in the bottom right corner of your image. An S3 Lambda event can be used to watermark every image that is uploaded to S3.

How to use

  • npm install lambda-watermark
  • Create your function (index.js)
'use strict';
var LambdaWatermark = require('lambda-watermark');

var options = {
  watermarkImagePath: './exampleWatermark.png',
  relativeSize: 5,
  opacity: 50

exports.handler = function(event, context) {
  new LambdaWatermark(options)(event, context);

Configuration (options)

  • watermarkImagePath: The relative path to your image
  • relativeSize: The size of the watermark (percent relative to the parent image)
  • opacity: How opaque the watermark should be. (100 is fully opaque, 0 is fully transparent)
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