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Release 317

General Changes

* Fix :func:`url_extract_parameter` when the query string contains an encoded ``&`` or ``=`` character.
* Export MBeans from the ``db`` resource group configuration manager. (:issue:`1151`)
* Add :func:`all_match`, :func:`any_match`, and :func:`none_match` functions. (:issue:`1045`)
* Add support for fractional weights in :func:`approx_percentile`. (:issue:`1168`)
* Add support for node dynamic filtering for semi-joins and filters when the experimental
WorkProcessor pipelines feature is enabled. (:issue:`1075`, :issue:`1155`, :issue:`1119`)
* Allow overriding session time zone for clients via the
``sql.forced-session-time-zone`` configuration property. (:issue:`1164`)

Web UI Changes

* Fix tooltip visibility on stage performance details page. (:issue:`1113`)
* Add planning time to query details page. (:issue:`1115`)

Security Changes

* Allow schema owner to create, drop, and rename schema when using file-based
connector access control. (:issue:`1139`)
* Allow respecting the ``X-Forwarded-For`` header when retrieving the IP address
of the client submitting the query. This information is available in the
``remoteClientAddress`` field of the ``QueryContext`` class for query events.
The behavior can be controlled via the ``dispatcher.forwarded-header``
configuration property, as the header should only be used when the Presto
coordinator is behind a proxy. (:issue:`1033`)

JDBC Driver Changes

* Fix ``DatabaseMetaData.getURL()`` to include the ``jdbc:`` prefix. (:issue:`1211`)

Elasticsearch Connector Changes

* Add support for nested fields. (:issue:`1001`)

Hive Connector Changes

* Fix bucketing version safety check to correctly disallow writes
to tables that use an unsupported bucketing version. (:issue:`1199`)
* Fix metastore error handling when metastore debug logging is enabled. (:issue:`1152`)
* Improve performance of file listings in ``system.sync_partition_metadata`` procedure,
especially for S3. (:issue:`1093`)

Kudu Connector Changes

* Update Kudu client library version to ``1.10.0``. (:issue:`1086`)

MongoDB Connector Changes

* Allow passwords to contain the ``:`` or ``@`` characters. (:issue:`1094`)

PostgreSQL Connector Changes

* Add support for reading ``hstore`` data type. (:issue:`1101`)

SPI Changes

* Allow delete to be implemented for non-legacy connectors. (:issue:`1015`)
* Remove deprecated method from ``ConnectorPageSourceProvider``. (:issue:`1095`)

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