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[WIP] Add support to add and show (create table) extra hive table properties issue 954 #1176

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Just for now

@@ -118,6 +118,7 @@
import static;
import static;
import static;
import static io.airlift.json.JsonCodec.mapJsonCodec;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveAnalyzeProperties.getPartitionList;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveBasicStatistics.createEmptyStatistics;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveBasicStatistics.createZeroStatistics;
@@ -152,6 +153,7 @@
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.CSV_QUOTE;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.CSV_SEPARATOR;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.EXTERNAL_LOCATION_PROPERTY;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.EXTRA_PROPERTIES;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.ORC_BLOOM_FILTER_COLUMNS;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.ORC_BLOOM_FILTER_FPP;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.PARTITIONED_BY_PROPERTY;
@@ -163,6 +165,7 @@
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.getBucketProperty;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.getCsvProperty;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.getExternalLocation;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.getExtraProperties;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.getHiveStorageFormat;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.getOrcBloomFilterColumns;
import static io.prestosql.plugin.hive.HiveTableProperties.getOrcBloomFilterFpp;
@@ -533,6 +536,12 @@ private ConnectorTableMetadata doGetTableMetadata(SchemaTableName tableName)

Optional<String> comment = Optional.ofNullable(table.get().getParameters().get(TABLE_COMMENT));

String extraProperties = table.get().getParameters().get(EXTRA_PROPERTIES);
if (extraProperties != null) {
properties.put(EXTRA_PROPERTIES, mapJsonCodec(String.class, String.class).fromJson(extraProperties));

return new ConnectorTableMetadata(tableName,,, comment);

@@ -819,6 +828,12 @@ public void createTable(ConnectorSession session, ConnectorTableMetadata tableMe
tableProperties.put(CSV_SEPARATOR_KEY, separator.toString());

//Extra properties

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dain Aug 1, 2019


nit: add a space after the //

Map<String, String> extraProperties = getExtraProperties(tableMetadata.getProperties());
if (extraProperties != null) {
tableProperties.put(EXTRA_PROPERTIES, mapJsonCodec(String.class, String.class).toJson(extraProperties));

// Table comment property
tableMetadata.getComment().ifPresent(value -> tableProperties.put(TABLE_COMMENT, value));

@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
import javax.inject.Inject;

import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Optional;
@@ -55,6 +56,8 @@
public static final String CSV_SEPARATOR = "csv_separator";
public static final String CSV_QUOTE = "csv_quote";
public static final String CSV_ESCAPE = "csv_escape";
public static final String EXTRA_PROPERTIES = "extra_properties";

private final List<PropertyMetadata<?>> tableProperties;

@@ -133,7 +136,16 @@ public HiveTableProperties(TypeManager typeManager, HiveConfig config)
integerProperty(TEXTFILE_SKIP_FOOTER_LINE_COUNT, "Number of footer lines", null, false),
stringProperty(CSV_SEPARATOR, "CSV separator character", null, false),
stringProperty(CSV_QUOTE, "CSV quote character", null, false),
stringProperty(CSV_ESCAPE, "CSV escape character", null, false));
stringProperty(CSV_ESCAPE, "CSV escape character", null, false),
new PropertyMetadata<>(
typeManager.getType(parseTypeSignature("map(varchar, varchar)")),
new HashMap(),
value -> ((Map<String, String>) value),
value -> value));

public List<PropertyMetadata<?>> getTableProperties()
@@ -247,4 +259,9 @@ private static String sortingColumnToString(SortingColumn column)
return column.getColumnName() + ((column.getOrder() == DESCENDING) ? " DESC" : "");

public static Map<String, String> getExtraProperties(Map<String, Object> tableProperties)
return (Map<String, String>) tableProperties.get(EXTRA_PROPERTIES);
@@ -411,6 +411,10 @@ private static Expression toExpression(Object value)

if (value instanceof Map) {
//TODO: How to convert map to an expression here

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ankitdixit Jul 25, 2019

Author Member

There does not seem to exist a map construct which can directly be converted to expression, please suggest what to do here

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dain Aug 1, 2019


I think invoking map_from_entries is the cleanest.

if (value instanceof Map) {
    Map<?, ?> map = (Map<?, ?>) value;
    return new FunctionCall(QualifiedName.of("map_from_entries"), ImmutableList.of(new ArrayConstructor(map.entrySet().stream()
            .map(entry -> new Row(asList(toExpression(entry.getKey()), toExpression(entry.getValue()))))

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findepi Aug 2, 2019


toImmutableList 🙂


throw new PrestoException(INVALID_TABLE_PROPERTY, format("Failed to convert object of type %s to expression: %s", value.getClass().getName(), value));

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