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Upgrades to existing features

Removing features

Features from different generations

Assembly programming

To do

Feel free to contribute one of these!

  • Tutor move
  • Decoration for your room
  • Mail item
  • Phone contact
  • Wild data
  • Roaming Pokémon
  • Animated tiles
  • Object facing
  • Map event script command
  • Move effect script command
  • Example map scripts (for common cases like an NPC that gives you an item)
  • Scene for an existing map (aka triggers; auto-running event scripts)
  • Evolution methods (location, held item, move, etc)
  • More daily and weekly events
  • Third region
  • Third trainer card page for Kanto badges
  • Fourth stats page for caught data
  • Colored party menu icons (overworld or battle sprite colors)
  • Implement dynamic overhead+underfoot bridges
  • Trainer dialog and music change for their last Pokémon
  • Change music instead of beeping SFX for low HP
  • Items that act like overworld moves
  • Show more than two Pokédex pages
  • Safari Game
  • Add a new playable character besides Kris and Ethan
  • Ghost and Silph Scope
  • Bill calls to switch boxes when one is full
  • Show quantity already in Pack in Marts
  • Items that act like HMs
  • Create an NPC or trainer which has a phone number with custom messages when called
  • E-mail system (receive mail from NPCs by accessing PC)
  • Implement a low health warning song similar to the one in Black and White versions
  • Let Pokémon use HM moves just by being compatible with them (from Coral)
  • Nuzlocke mode (an in-game enforced Nuzlocke Challenge)
  • Move standing+walking sprites to VRAM0, standing-only sprites to VRAM1; allocate 1:E0-FF for the map name sign; allocate 1:80-DF for more map tiles; add Polished Map support
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