docker setup for a complete pretalx instalation using docker
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This repository contains a docker-compose setup for a complete pretalx installation.


  • A MySQL as database
  • Ngninx as webserver
  • Pretalx itself
  • Redis for asynchronous tasks
  • SMTP sink, for testing purposes

For testing:

  • Run ./ (only run this once, on the first run!)
  • Open http://localhost/orga in your browser
  • Enjoy

You can stop it with:

  • docker-compose down

After initial start, run it in detached mode with:

  • docker-compose up -d

For production

  • Change conf/pretalx-password.secret
  • Change conf/pretalx.conf to your required configuration
    • Set the database password to the same as the previous point;
    • Set the SMTP server
    • Set the correct hostname
  • Change conf/nginx/conf.d/pretalx.config
    • Configure hostname
    • Enable SSL by adding your certificate and key to conf/ssl/cert.pem and conf/ssl/key.pem
  • You can disable the SMTP from the docker-compose.yml file (it's just a sink).
  • Run ./ (only run this once, on the first run!)
  • From now on, start up with docker-compose up -d and stop with docker-compose down