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Plugin ideas

Tobias Kunze edited this page Nov 21, 2019 · 6 revisions

This page documents ideas people had for good pretalx plugins – feel free to take ideas up for plugin development or add new ideas of your own!

Organiser workflow

Social media

  • Twitter integration
  • Fediverse integration

Draft of settings:

  • Enable twitter integration: true/false, global setting enabling/disabling the other settings
  • Show "share on twitter" buttons: true/false
  • Twitter nick and hashtag: This is required for better sharing integration
  • Send tweets when talks start: true/false
  • Talk-tweeter template: string with placeholders and a defined order in which the placeholders are dropped. Since this is kinda hard, we might have to stick with just a language selection for now.
  • Send tweets when a new schedule version is released: true/false
  • Twitter credentials for scheduled tweets: an account and access codes will need to be stored if scheduled tweets are used
  • Ask speakers for twitter username: true/false
  • Offer submitters to tweet "I have just submitted a talk to": true/false
  • Tweet other special events (CfP countdown on days 7, 1, 0.5, 0; CfP open, Event end). It might be best to provide editable templates for this, aswell.
  • Tweet schedule changes

Recording plugins

  • Youtube plugin in the same vein of the media-ccc-de plugin. Learn from EMF how to use the Youtube API
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