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Annotate pretix' invoices with ZUGFeRD data
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ZUGFeRD invoices for pretix

This is a plugin for pretix. It allows you to attach ZUGFeRD information to your invoices.

PLEASE NOTE: Use this plugin at your own risk. If there is a semantic difference between the XML and PDF contents in your ZUGFeRD invoices, you might legally owe the VAT to the financial authorities twice, since you then generated two invoices. We tried our best to avoid this, but we do not assume any liability. Please check the output of this plugin with your tax or legal attorney before use.

Installation note

This plugin requires ghostscript to be installed. If you have it installed in a nonstandard location, you can specify it in your pretix.cfg:


Development setup

  1. Make sure that you have a working pretix development setup.
  2. Clone this repository, eg to local/pretix-zugferd.
  3. Activate the virtual environment you use for pretix development.
  4. Execute python develop within this directory to register this application with pretix's plugin registry.
  5. Execute make within this directory to compile translations.
  6. Restart your local pretix server. You can now use the plugin from this repository for your events by enabling it in the 'plugins' tab in the settings.


Copyright 2018 Raphael Michel

Released under the terms of the Apache License 2.0

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