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javascript wrapper function for http.request and https.request that returns parsed, transformed data in callback.


get(url, options, callback)

  • url

    The URL to access

  • options

    Optional. An object specifying the options for the request, parsing and transformation.

    • accept: Accept request header (string). Defaults to text/plain

      • "text" or "plain" are changed to text/plain
      • "json" is changed to application/json
      • "xml" is changed to application/xml
    • parse: function used to parse the data returned from http(s) request. Default returns the data Buffer as-is in the callback

      Given 2 parameters:

      • buffer: The Buffer that holds the data returned from the http(s) request
      • callback: Callback function taking two paramers (err, data)

      If parse is a string, one of the internal parsers are returned:

      • "json": wraps JSON.parse
      • "raw": returns the data data as-is
    • transform: function used to transform the parsed data. Default returns the data as-is is the callback. Given 2 parameters:

      • data: The data returned from the parse function
      • callback: Callback function taking two paramers (err, data)
    • protocol: string to specify if http or https should be used. Default depends on protocol returned by url.parse

    • http: function used for http.request. Used for mocking

    • https: function used for https.request. Used for mocking

  • callback

    The callback function called when an error has occured or when the data was received, parsed and transformed

    • err: null when no error has occured or an error details object with the keys:

      • error: The actual error that was caught
      • action: The action where the error occured (request, response, parse, transform)
      • length: The value of the content-length header
      • received: The number of bytes received so far
      • buffer: The Buffer object that is used to hold the data returned from the http(s) response
      • parsed: The parsed data

      If the content-length response header is not present, length will be -1 (while transfering) or the number of bytes received when the end event is fired

    • data: The transformed data. undefined if an error has occured.


Class to build http/https mocks

  • options:

    • statusCode: number to use as the status code for the request. Defaults to 200
    • data: text to return for the request. Defaults to empty string

mock.Builder.httpRequest(url, callback)

Wrapper for http.request and https.request. Returns a new mock.RequestMock setup to call callback on end with a new mock.ResponseMock

mock.RequestMock(requestCallback, response)

  • requestCallback: The callback that will get the response object
  • response: The response object / mock.ResponseMock to return on end


  • dataToReturn: The data to return


  • rules: object where keys are the urls, and values are functions (taking a single callback function parameter) that is used to match incomming requests to the mock