Commits on Mar 26, 2018
  1. docs(contributing): Fix 'addContributor' example

    dsingleton committed Mar 26, 2018
    When adding myself as a contributor I followed these instructions and
    tried `yarn start addContributor dsingleton`, which threw this error:
    Scripts must resolve to strings. There is no script that can be resolved from "dsingleton"
    error Command failed with exit code 1.
    I'm not super familiar with `nps`, but i'm assuming it's taking
    `<YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME>` as an additional script, rather than input to
    the `addContributor` script.
    You get prompted to enter your username regardless, and the docs already
    say to follow the prompts.
  2. docs(readme): Add note about more settings:

    dsingleton committed Mar 26, 2018
    As discussed in #98
    There are  additional settings available, which aren't listed in the README.
    I missed the "Only format if Prettier is found in your project's dependencies"
    because I checked the README and assumed it didn't exist.