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Change Log

All notable changes to the "prettier-vscode" extension will be documented in this file.


  • Additional logging for errors loading config
  • Updated status icon to not error states


  • Added setting prettier.useEditorConfig (defaults to true) to allow disabling resolving .editorconfig for Prettier config.
  • Added additional logging.
  • Added pattern filter to formatter registrations to avoid registering incorrectly on multi-workspace projects.
  • Removed some unused localization code.


  • Improved error logging.
  • Bumped dependencies and type definitions to latest.
  • More information in readme about configuration.


  • Fixed issue where VS Code and local config where merged. If local config is present, only it will be used. #1074


  • Removed deprecation message from requireConfig (Was added by mistake). #1056
  • Sets resolveConfig: true to allow parser overrides on Prettier 1.19+. #1067
  • Fix for finding local prettier module in packages located in node_modules dirs.
  • Added doc on what languages support range formatting.


  • Added back status bar button


  • Add command Prettier: Create Configuration File to create a basic .prettierrc file.


  • Fixed issue resolving user home files on mac. i.e. (~/.prettierrc) (#1045)
  • Improved tests for config resolution


  • Adds back VS Code config


  • Bug fixes
  • Change telemetry metric names


  • Removed support for Prettier versions older than 1.13.0.
  • No longer bundling linters with extension - to use install them in your package.json.
  • Use Prettier as default resolver of formatter instead of VS Code.
  • Use Prettier to determine if a file is ignored or not instead of custom logic.
  • Support for formatting of untitled files when the language is set by VS Code.
  • Set file path config on format to assist with parser resolution.
  • Less fallbacks - if you have local prettier installed it will always use that. Before if your local prettier didn't support things we would fall back to bundled prettier - this caused many errors and inconsistent behavior.
  • Removed toolbar button.
  • Deprecated linter configuration settings.
  • Enhanced logging.
  • Extension built with webpack.
  • Memoize package path lookup to improve perf of repeated calls to same file.
  • Shows error message when outdated versions of prettier are used.
  • Refreshes modules without restart for cases where prettier version or plugins are installed locally.
  • Registers .graphql files as graphql language in order to provide formatting. (#989)
  • Ignore files are only read from the workspace root folder to behave the same as prettier.
  • Added configuration option prettier.prettierPath to override module resolution.
  • Added configuration option prettier.configPath to override configuration file resolution.


  • Updated VS Code Version to 1.34.0
  • Changed App Insights api key


  • Added App Insights telemetry to track feature usage.



  • Fixed issue where error output was used before initialized (#918)


  • Localization support for zh-cn and zh-tw
  • Fixed issue where text-fixtures were bundled in the extension.


  • Prettier 1.18
  • Docs now explain how to lint TypeScript code with ESLint.
  • Improve supported language resolution with local Prettier instances
  • Prettier Plugin Support
  • prettier-eslint 9.0.0


  • Prettier 1.17
  • New setting quoteProps. (prettier 1.17)


  • Prettier 1.16
  • prettier-tslint 0.4.2


  • Validate the "prettier" key in package.json using the prettier settings schema
  • Prettier 1.15
  • New options: jsxSingleQuote, htmlWhitespaceSensitivity and endOfLine (More info in readme).


  • disableLanguages only in User / Workspace settings (no more in folder settings).It allows to register formatters for every supported language.
  • Prettier 1.14
  • New option: tslintIntegration (boolean) use prettier-tslint instead of prettier


  • Revert notification popup: remove it.
  • fix parser inference






  • Improve prettier resolution algorithm for monorepos
  • prettier-eslint@8.8.1
  • vue is now disabled by default. Opt-in by removing vue from disableLanguages setting


  • prettier-eslint@8.3.1 revert previous update


  • prettier-eslint@8.7.5


  • Disabling a language disableLanguages now allows to use an other formatter. NOT when disabling in a sub workspace folder (noop)
  • Prettier 1.10, vue jsonc postcss support.


  • Prettier 1.9
  • New option: requireConfig (boolean) Format only files which have a prettier config (.prettierrc, ...)
  • Don't merge editor's options into prettier config


  • Multi-root support.
  • Removed all *Enable settings, these are now inferred from Prettier itself. Use scoped editor.formatOnSave to disable formatting some languages on save. (See README)
  • Markdown support
  • Prettier 1.8.2


  • new setting, ignorePath. Ignore files.
  • Eslint now also runs on TypeScript files.
  • new setting, stylelintIntegration. prettier + stylelint.
  • Prettier 1.7


  • Prettier 1.6.1


  • Read configuration from files.
  • Prettier 1.6


  • Changed Status bar: hide/show depending on active editor.
  • Fix local resolution.


  • Reworked error messages. They are now in a dedicated output channel.


  • Prettier 1.5
  • Added JSON and GraphQL formatting (Range formatting disabled)
  • Disable range formatting with postcss parser (broken)


  • Fix sass language id (sass -> scss)
  • Update prettier to 1.4.4
  • Update prettier-eslint to 6.3.0


  • Option to select language ids prettier will run on.
  • Prettier 1.4.2


  • Prettier 1.4
  • Now also formats CSS and TypeScript
  • Format Selection highly improved.


  • Bump dependencies.
  • jsx language support in addition to javascript and javascriptreact.


  • New setting eslintIntegration. Use prettier-eslint under the hood.


  • Bundled with prettier 1.1.0
  • New setting useTabs. (prettier 1.0)
  • New setting semi. (prettier 1.0)


  • Local prettier has to be explicitly installed (dependencies or devDependencies)


  • Resolve 'prettier' against formatted file. Nearest upward node_modules/prettier


  • New setting jsxBracketSameLine. (prettier 0.17.0)
  • Changed trailingComma setting ['none', 'es5', 'all'] (prettier 0.19.0)


  • Removed Prettier action.
  • Use vscode actions Format Document and Format Selection.
  • Removed prettier.formatOnSave setting in favor of the more general setting editor.formatOnSave
  • Deprecated useFlowParser setting. Introduced parser setting. (Since prettier 0.0.10)


  • Initial release
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