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Use tslint with prettier without any conflict
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👮 TSLint + 💅 Prettier = 😍

Do you want to use TSLint and Prettier without conflicts? tslint-config-prettier disables all conflicting rules that may cause such problems. Prettier takes care of the formatting whereas tslint takes care of all the other things.

Check how it works in this tutorial.

Get started

yarn add --dev tslint-config-prettier
# or
npm install --save-dev tslint-config-prettier

Make sure you've already set up TSLint and Prettier.

Then, extend your tslint.json, and make sure tslint-config-prettier is at the end:

  "extends": [

More configuration

tslint-config-prettier also turns off formatting rules from the following rulesets, so you can use them safely.

  "extends": [

CLI helper tool

tslint-config-prettier is shipped with a little CLI tool to help you check if your configuration contains any rules that are in conflict with Prettier. (require tslint installed)

In order to execute the CLI tool, first add a script for it to package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "tslint-check": "tslint-config-prettier-check ./tslint.json"

Then run yarn tslint-check or npm run tslint-check.

Or simply run npx tslint-config-prettier-check ./tslint.json.



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  • tslint-plugin-prettier - Runs Prettier as a TSLint rule and reports differences as individual TSLint issues.


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