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A Vim plugin for Prettier
Vim script
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A vim plugin wrapper for prettier, pre-configured with custom default prettier settings.

Note: We are currently working towards a major release on branch release/1.x, while under development bugfixes will be applied to master branch and then ported back to release/1.x branch.

If you have feature request and/or suggestions please comment on issue 1.0 release

If you want to try out the release/1.x branch feel free to add this to your .vimrc

Plug 'prettier/vim-prettier', {
  \ 'do': 'yarn install',
  \ 'branch': 'release/1.x',
  \ 'for': [
    \ 'javascript',
    \ 'typescript',
    \ 'css',
    \ 'less',
    \ 'scss',
    \ 'json',
    \ 'graphql',
    \ 'markdown',
    \ 'vue',
    \ 'lua',
    \ 'php',
    \ 'python',
    \ 'ruby',
    \ 'html',
    \ 'swift' ] }

By default it will auto format javascript, typescript, less, scss, css, json, graphql and markdown files if they have/support the "@format" pragma annotation in the header of the file.



Install with vim-plug, assumes node and yarn|npm installed globally.

" post install (yarn install | npm install) then load plugin only for editing supported files
Plug 'prettier/vim-prettier', {
  \ 'do': 'yarn install',
  \ 'for': ['javascript', 'typescript', 'css', 'less', 'scss', 'json', 'graphql', 'markdown', 'vue', 'yaml', 'html'] }

or simply enable for all formats by:

" post install (yarn install | npm install)
Plug 'prettier/vim-prettier', { 'do': 'yarn install' }

For those using vim-pathogen, you can run the following in a terminal:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

If using other vim plugin managers or doing manual setup make sure to have prettier installed globally or go to your vim-prettier directory and either do npm install or yarn install

Prettier Executable resolution

When installed via vim-plug, a default prettier executable is installed inside vim-prettier.

vim-prettier executable resolution:

  1. Look for user defined prettier cli path from vim configuration file
  2. Traverse parents and search for Prettier installation inside node_modules
  3. Look for a global prettier installation
  4. Use locally installed vim-prettier prettier executable


Prettier by default will run on auto save but can also be manually triggered by:




If your are on vim 8+ you can also trigger async formatting by:


You can check what is the vim-prettier plugin version by:


You can send commands to the resolved prettier cli by:

:PrettierCli <q-args>

You can check what is the resolved prettier cli path by:


You can check what is the resolved prettier cli version by:



Change the mapping to run from the default of <Leader>p

nmap <Leader>py <Plug>(Prettier)

Disable auto formatting of files that have "@format" tag

let g:prettier#autoformat = 0

Set the prettier CLI executable path

let g:prettier#exec_cmd_path = "~/path/to/cli/prettier"

The command :Prettier by default is synchronous but can also be forced async

let g:prettier#exec_cmd_async = 1

By default parsing errors will open the quickfix but can also be disabled

let g:prettier#quickfix_enabled = 0

By default we auto focus on the quickfix when there are errors but can also be disabled

let g:prettier#quickfix_auto_focus = 0

To enable vim-prettier to run in files without requiring the "@format" doc tag. First disable the default autoformat, then update to your own custom behaviour

Running before saving sync:

let g:prettier#autoformat = 0
autocmd BufWritePre *.js,*.jsx,*.mjs,*.ts,*.tsx,*.css,*.less,*.scss,*.json,*.graphql,*.md,*.vue,*.yaml,*.html Prettier

Running before saving async (vim 8+):

let g:prettier#autoformat = 0
autocmd BufWritePre *.js,*.jsx,*.mjs,*.ts,*.tsx,*.css,*.less,*.scss,*.json,*.graphql,*.md,*.vue,*.yaml,*.html PrettierAsync

Running before saving, changing text or leaving insert mode:

" when running at every change you may want to disable quickfix
let g:prettier#quickfix_enabled = 0

let g:prettier#autoformat = 0
autocmd BufWritePre,TextChanged,InsertLeave *.js,*.jsx,*.mjs,*.ts,*.tsx,*.css,*.less,*.scss,*.json,*.graphql,*.md,*.vue,*.yaml,*.html PrettierAsync

Overwrite default prettier configuration

Note: vim-prettier default settings differ from prettier intentionally. However they can be configured by:

" max line length that prettier will wrap on
" Prettier default: 80
let g:prettier#config#print_width = 80

" number of spaces per indentation level
" Prettier default: 2
let g:prettier#config#tab_width = 2

" use tabs over spaces
" Prettier default: false
let g:prettier#config#use_tabs = 'false'

" print semicolons
" Prettier default: true
let g:prettier#config#semi = 'true'

" single quotes over double quotes
" Prettier default: false
let g:prettier#config#single_quote = 'true'

" print spaces between brackets
" Prettier default: true
let g:prettier#config#bracket_spacing = 'false'

" put > on the last line instead of new line
" Prettier default: false
let g:prettier#config#jsx_bracket_same_line = 'true'

" avoid|always
" Prettier default: avoid
let g:prettier#config#arrow_parens = 'always'

" none|es5|all
" Prettier default: none
let g:prettier#config#trailing_comma = 'all'

" flow|babylon|typescript|css|less|scss|json|graphql|markdown
" Prettier default: babylon
let g:prettier#config#parser = 'flow'

" cli-override|file-override|prefer-file
let g:prettier#config#config_precedence = 'prefer-file'

" always|never|preserve
let g:prettier#config#prose_wrap = 'preserve'

" css|strict|ignore
let g:prettier#config#html_whitespace_sensitivity = 'css'


If the prettier executable can't be found by Vim, no code formatting will happen

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