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Each line is one test unit, but multiple units (or all) can run at once
<a t="<b><f>asdf<f></b>"><c>qwer <d/>asdf </c> </a>
<z><w><j/><k/><x><q> <r s="<e>f</e>"/></q> </x><n/></w> <g>type<u o="<th>"/> </g></z>
<m> <![if gt IE 6]><noscript><![endif]> <![if gt IE 6]></noscript><![endif]> </m>
<r><b> a sdf<f y='<v>o</v>'/>x<a> d<g p='<t>g</t>'> w</g><c/></a> <s></s></b></r>
<xs:start><xs:middle> <xs:singleton/></xs:middle></xs:start>
<a><style><!-- a {color:red} --></style></a>
<a><script><!-- var a = ""; --></script></a>
<a><style><![CDATA[ a {color:red} ]]></style></a>
<a><script><![CDATA[ var a = ""; ]]></script></a>
<a><script>//<![CDATA[ var a = ""; //]]></script></a>
<!DOCTYPE heuristic [<!-- "<" --><!-- ">" --><!-- "<" --><!ELEMENT purpose: ["asdf"]- - (#PCDATA)><!-- "#" -->]>
<a> <script type="text/javascript" src="asdf"></script> </a>
<a> <script src="asdf"></script> </a>
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