@pretzelhands pretzelhands released this Jan 10, 2019

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Hello everyone!

First of all thanks for the crazy amount of interest shown in this project. I really did not expect what almost 70 stars for a tool I built to avoid repetitive typing. Nevertheless I'm glad you're all here!

Today's update brings a few structural changes to make the tool even better to use, as well as a new command!


  • Added grumpy config setting to disable colored output
  • Added logs command to quickly pull up nginx error logs
  • Added update command to easily update to new versions
  • Moved config file to ~/.jinx directory, so we can keep track of other files as well.

@pretzelhands pretzelhands released this Jan 6, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

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Ahoy! This is the first public release of my command line wrapper for nginx. It's a scary moment to send your baby out into the wild. I hope you all enjoy

This release supports all of the following commands.

nginx related

  • start - start nginx service
  • restart - restart nginx service
  • stop - stop nginx service

Site management

  • site activate [--restart|-r] - activate a site
  • site deactivate [--restart|-r] - deactivate a site
  • site delete [--yes|-y] - delete a site
  • site create [<template>] - create a site from template
  • site edit - edit a site .conf file with editor


  • config - get config value from ~/.jinxrc
  • config - set config value in ~/.jinxrc