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jsampson Ensure compatibility with auto-boxing/-unboxing in JDK 6.
Additional minor simplifications and preparations for compatibility with
JDK >= 8 (avoid deprecation warnings), plus a number of JavaDoc

Thanks for Christian Klemke (cklemkeberlin) for these changes. This
fixes some issues introduced in pull request #16 (commit 6ea7122).
See pull request #17 for discussion.
Latest commit 107fdb3 Aug 3, 2019
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jxpath Re-allow supertypes of prevalent system type in Transactions, further May 22, 2019
prevayler-maven-archetype Update dependencies to latest versions still compatible with our code… May 30, 2019
scalability Ensure compatibility with auto-boxing/-unboxing in JDK 6. Aug 3, 2019
tutorial Eliminate hard tabs and carriage returns. May 28, 2019
pom.xml Project code reformat. Aug 11, 2014
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