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The Open Source Environmental Sensors (OSES) project

This project, based on the Arduino and Launchpad / Energia platforms, aims to develop an autonomous and modular station able to collect and upload to the web, in real time or near real time, data acquired by a wide range of environmental sensors.

The goals of the project are :

  • create a modular station on which may be plugged various environmental sensors such as weather and air quality meters
  • design an easy to assemble station using low-cost and easy to obtain components and modules
  • build an energetically autonomous station, powered by the sun or other renewable energies
  • build a connected station which can upload, in realtime or near realtime via GPRS or other long range wireless technologies, data to a web server
  • embed a GPS module and a RTC clock in order to know exactly where the station is, and what time is it, when it uploads its data

Hardware and schematics

The schematics and bill of materials required to assemble the current prototype can be found in the "hardware" directory.

Code and libraries

The code of the station controller can be found in the arduino-sketch directory. Take also a look at the librairies/librairies-installation.txt for a quick guide on how to download and install the required librairies.