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Tools for "dot map" representations of serde_json Maps
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dot_json Build Status

Utilities for working with serde_json::Map structures as "dot maps".

dot_json = "0.2"


See also:

extern crate serde_json;
extern crate dot_json;

use dot_json::value_to_dot;
use serde_json::{Map, Value};

fn main() {
	let obj = json!({
		"foo": "Lorem ipsum",
		"bar": [123, null, { "baz": "Dolor sit amet" }],
		"qux": {
			"deep": {
				"one": true,
				"two": false,
	let obj_dot = value_to_dot(&obj);
	// obj_dot is now: {
	//     "foo": "Lorem ipsum",
	//     "bar.0": 123,
	//     "bar.1": null,
	//     "bar.2.baz": "Dolor sit amet",
	//     "": true,
	//     "qux.deep.two": false
	// }
	assert_eq!(Value::Null, obj_dot["bar.1"]);
	assert_eq!(Value::Bool(false), obj_dot["qux.deep.two"]);
	let arr = json!([
		{ "foo", false },
	let arr_dot = value_to_dot(&arr);
	assert_eq!(Value::Bool(false), arr[""]);
	assert_eq!(Value::Null, arr["1"]);


Used by value_to_dot and arr_to_dot_map to convert deep serde_json::Map to shallow dot maps.


Used by value_to_dot to convert deep serde_json::Value::Array vectors to shallow dot maps.

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