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picking contact does not allow to choose between contact phone numbers (annoying since prey insisted on sending sms to a landline number...)

malinges commented Jul 9, 2013


I'm unable to select my girlfriend's current mobile phone number as a Hero, as Prey always selects her former mobile phone number (which I don't wan't to delete from my contacts list, for "history's sake") without even letting me a chance to choose another number among the 3 others available.
Also note that Prey selects her former number despite her current one being set as the contact default number.

It would be great if Prey could let the user choose which phone number select as Hero, instead of supposing it is able to make a better choice by itself... Or at least, let the user set a phone number manually.


fanuneza commented Feb 6, 2015

Hi, guys. We're (finally) catching up with our Android issues. Sorry for taking so long.

The Hero function was deprecated. If you happen to have further questions, feel free to re-open this issue or to create a new one.

fanuneza closed this Feb 6, 2015

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