Either the Lock screen or Message on Android, but not both; plus message only displayed once #36

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Hello and thanks for the great app.

I have tested this app with my Samsung I927 Android smart-phone, to find that either the Lock screen OR the Message screen is displayed, and it is almost always the lock screen, but never both, which seems like the way it should be.

Also, when I attempted to only use the message so that the person with the device can return it, the message is only displayed once. It seems like once may not be enough, especially if you accidentally swipe the screen away to attempt to call the number or something similar.

Perhaps it would be useful to display the message indefinitely every 30 minutes or something like that until marked OK. Plus hopefully this would solve the issue of not displaying the message when the lock is active. Thanks again.


fanuneza commented Feb 6, 2015

Hi, @EaglesIII.

We hacked Android to display the message on locked screen. It's pushed into the alarms message. It's not the cleanest solution, but it will work.

To remove the message just disable all the alarms. Then you'll be able to set them on again if needed.

@fanuneza fanuneza closed this Feb 6, 2015

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