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Basic Control Panel for Prey Standalone users

If you want to use Prey on Standalone mode and wish to manage multiple devices, this is a small app that can give you a hand. It's written in Ruby using Sinatra and MongoMapper.


  • Ruby
  • Mongo DB
  • Bundler ruby gem


Once you've got Mongo and Ruby set up, clone the repo and run:

bundle install

And let Bundler take care of all the gem dependencies. Once you're ready you can run:

rackup -s thin

And the app should load. By browsing to / you'll be requested a username and password via Basic HTTP auth. The default values are 'admin/secret' but you can change it by modifying if you want to.

Setting up the clients

Once you've created a device on the admin panel, the check URL on the device should be:

For example, if the ID of your newly created device is 000000123456, the full url should look like:

And that's it. Your device should now start checking its state against your own Control Panel. If it ever goes missing, just log in again and change the missing field for that device from 'false' to 'true', and Prey will begin to send reports via email using your SMTP settings.

Additionally, you can change the execution delay and modify the modules which will be triggered remotely using the module_list field. Just make sure you separate them with spaces (e.g. "geo network lock").


Written by Tomás Pollak.


(c) 2011-2013 - Fork Ltd. Released under the GPLv3 license.


[DEPRECATED] Simple app to trigger reports for Prey Standalone users.



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