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This is a Next.js project that will add a note whenever a conversation is tagged.

Use Case

Prezly uses intercom for Customer Support. Depending on the type of question our support agents need to handle the case differently. This project helps with that as a note is created on the conversation with a summary of the procedure and more information.

  • Conversation is tagged in intercom (type_bug, type_feature,...)
  • Look if there is additional information to post (template by tag_name)
  • Add a note to the conversation with links to procedures or help

Getting Started

Copy .env.example to .env.production Fill in .ENV variables (find intercom key at[APP_ID]/developer-hub) Deploy to vercel

vercel --prod


All templates live in /public/templates with an example type_bug template.

The name of the template needs to match the tag_name (in intercom) exactly. If no template is found the bot will stay quiet.

Set-up in intercom

Deploy on Vercel

The easiest way to deploy the app and allow anyone in the company to change the template files (public/templates directory) is to use the Vercel Platform.

Check out Next.js deployment documentation for more details.