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alt Prezly ❤️ Slate

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Prezly software built upon Slate.


Version License

Every package has been implemented with TypeScript.

Prezly-specific packages mention Prezly in the description. All other packages should be generic and reusable in any project.

Package Readme Description
@prezly/slate-commons Low-level commands, utilities, plugins, types, etc. used throughout Prezly-Slate packages
@prezly/slate-editor The Prezly Slate Editor
@prezly/slate-lists The best Slate lists extension out there
@prezly/slate-types TypeScript definitions for Slate document structure used at Prezly


In order to try changes made to the packages with the main application, link the root package to global npm prefix by running npm link in the root:

npm link

Then link the root package and its sub-packages to the main app with npm link @prezly/slate:

npm link @prezly/slate
rm -rf node_modules/@prezly/slate-{types,commons,lists,tables,editor}
ln -sf node_modules/@prezly/slate/packages/* node_modules/@prezly/

There's an npm task configured in our main application to simplify this routine:

npm run link-slate-packages


npm run bootstrap   # install dependencies
npm run build       # build all packages


npm run release     # reinstall & rebuild everything from scratch and...
                    # ...and run a wizard that'll guide you through bulk-publishing the npm packages

Brought to you by Prezly.