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Learn the basics of programming with the Programming Basics book. Exercises about the details help you refine the machine in your mind!
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Programming Basics

(in Dutch: Basisboek Programmeren)

This is a practice book on programming concepts for use alongside a first programming course. The pseudo-language in this version of the book is a little bit C-like, but many parts can be used in a Python-based course as well. We intend to add more chapters that detail concepts like for-each loops.


Creative Commons License

All materials copyright 2019 Martijn Stegeman. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Feel free to use the book as-is for non-commercial purposes. You can also adapt the book and republish your additions or modifications under the same Creative Commons license that we use. For more details see the Creative Commons website. If you republish the book with substantial modifications you are to use another name than the (international) names used for the original.


We welcome contributions in the form of new chapters, bug fixes, translations etc. Feel free to contact the authors and discuss your plans. You can also submit issues (via GitHub) or pull requests. These will be thoroughly reviewed before including into the main repository.


Contributors to the core book: Jelle van Assema, Simon Pauw, Wouter Vrielink from the UvA Programming Lab. Reviews and fixes: Jill de Ron and Floor van de Leur.

Many thanks to Jan van de Craats and Rob Bosch for their delightful "Basisboek Wiskunde" which served as an inspiration for the format of the materials, and to R.G. Dromey with "How to solve it by computer".


For more information contact Martijn Stegeman ( at the University of Amsterdam.

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