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Operator SDK

This tutorial demonstrates simple operator-sdk workflow and examines Reconcile loop which will typical Operator developer deal with.

Official Operator SDK repository.

Operator SDK tutorial

Check operator-sdk prerequisites doc before starting this tutorial.

Create minimal Operator in GOPATH:

mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
operator-sdk new workshop-operator

Add API to generated Operator(shall be executed inside workshop-operator directory):

operator-sdk add api --kind=WorkshopApp

Check which files were added or updated.

Add Controller to generated Operator:

operator-sdk add controller --kind=WorkshopApp

Check which files were added or updated.

Build and run operator locally:

# Create CRD
kubectl create -f ./deploy/crds/workshopapp_v1alpha1_workshopapp_crd.yaml

go build ./cmd/manager
WATCH_NAMESPACE=default ./manager

# Create instance of app
kubectl create -f ./deploy/crds/workshopapp_v1alpha1_workshopapp_cr.yaml


  • delete the pod, observe what happened and explain it
    • hint: check Reconcile method in pkg/controller/workshopapp/workshopapp_controller.go file.
  • Stop Operator and delete CR, observe if Pod was deleted and explain why.
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