Proof of concept to demonstrate the technology for Chat Bot / ChatOps
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Demonstrate the technology for Chat Bot / ChatOps potential business, using Go implementation using the RTM (Real Time Messaging) API by Slack.


  • Track how many points you have based on reactions your peers give to your messages
  • Track what messages in the channel are most upvoted to quickly have a recap of the day
  • Leaderboard functionality showing the top N or bottom M users based on ranking
  • Analytics features such as the mean score of the organization as well as per individual
  • Trivial ranking algorithm based on which reaction you get to your message


  • Create a new bot user integration on your Slack
  • Create a file token.json which follows the format of the token_sample.json file provided with the Slack Bot Token
  • Then simply run go run main.go at the project root and it will read off the token from token.json

Slack Commands

Hitting the leaderboard bot commands in a Slack channel.

@leder help