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// The MIT License
// Copyright (c) 2018 Philip Rideout
#pragma once
#include <functional>
#include <vulkan/vulkan.h>
namespace par {
struct LavaRecording;
// The LavaContext owns the Vulkan instance, device, swap chain, and command buffers.
class LavaContext {
struct Config {
bool depthBuffer;
bool validation;
VkSampleCountFlagBits samples;
std::function<VkSurfaceKHR(VkInstance)> createSurface;
static LavaContext* create(Config config) noexcept;
static void operator delete(void* );
// Starts a new command buffer and returns it.
VkCommandBuffer beginFrame() noexcept;
// Submits the command buffer and presents the most recently rendered image.
void endFrame() noexcept;
// Waits for one or two of the most recently submitted command buffers to finish.
// Callers can invoke this outside a beginFrame / endFrame. Pass the default argument of -1
// to wait on both command buffers in the swap chain.
void waitFrame(int n = -1) noexcept;
// Similar to beginFrame/endFrame/waitFrame for non-presentation work.
VkCommandBuffer beginWork() noexcept;
void endWork() noexcept;
void waitWork() noexcept;
// Allows commands to be recorded and played back later.
LavaRecording* createRecording() noexcept;
LavaRecording* createRecording(std::function<void(VkCommandBuffer, uint32_t)> cmdbuilder);
VkCommandBuffer beginRecording(LavaRecording*, uint32_t i) noexcept;
void endRecording() noexcept;
void presentRecording(LavaRecording*) noexcept;
void freeRecording(LavaRecording*) noexcept;
void waitRecording(LavaRecording*) noexcept;
// General accessors.
VkInstance getInstance() const noexcept;
VkSurfaceKHR getSurface() const noexcept;
VkExtent2D getSize() const noexcept;
VkDevice getDevice() const noexcept;
VkPhysicalDevice getGpu() const noexcept;
const VkPhysicalDeviceFeatures& getGpuFeatures() const noexcept;
VkQueue getQueue() const noexcept;
VkFormat getFormat() const noexcept;
VkColorSpaceKHR getColorSpace() const noexcept;
const VkPhysicalDeviceMemoryProperties& getMemoryProperties() const noexcept;
VkRenderPass getRenderPass() const noexcept;
VkSwapchainKHR getSwapchain() const noexcept;
// Swap chain related accessors.
VkImage getImage(uint32_t i = 0) const noexcept;
VkImageView getImageView(uint32_t i = 0) const noexcept;
VkFramebuffer getFramebuffer(uint32_t i = 0) const noexcept;
VkRenderPassBeginInfo const* getBeginInfo(uint32_t i = 0) const noexcept;
LavaContext() noexcept = default;
// par::noncopyable
LavaContext(LavaContext const&) = delete;
LavaContext& operator=(LavaContext const&) = delete;