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// The MIT License
// Copyright (c) 2018 Philip Rideout
#pragma once
#include <vector>
#include <vulkan/vulkan.h>
namespace par {
// Manages a set of pipeline objects that all conform to a specific pipeline layout.
// Creates a single VkPipelineLayout upon construction and stores it as immutable state.
// Accepts state changes via setRasterState, setVertexState, set*Shader, and setRenderPass.
// Creates or fetches a pipeline when getPipeline() is called.
// Optionally frees least-recently-used pipelines via releaseUnused().
class LavaPipeCache {
struct RasterState {
VkPipelineRasterizationStateCreateInfo rasterization;
VkPipelineColorBlendAttachmentState blending;
VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo depthStencil;
VkPipelineMultisampleStateCreateInfo multisampling;
struct VertexState {
VkPrimitiveTopology topology;
std::vector<VkVertexInputAttributeDescription> attributes;
std::vector<VkVertexInputBindingDescription> buffers;
struct Config {
VkDevice device;
std::vector<VkDescriptorSetLayout> descriptorLayouts;
VkRenderPass renderPass;
VkShaderModule vshader;
VkShaderModule fshader;
VertexState vertex;
static LavaPipeCache* create(Config config) noexcept;
static void operator delete(void* );
// Fetches the pipeline layout that was created at construction.
VkPipelineLayout getLayout() const noexcept;
// Fetches or creates a VkPipeline object corresponding to the layout that was established
// during construction, as well as the current state (see setRasterState et al).
VkPipeline getPipeline() noexcept;
// Returns true if the client should call vkCmdBindPipeline.
bool getPipeline(VkPipeline* pipeline) noexcept;
const RasterState& getDefaultRasterState() const noexcept;
void setRasterState(const RasterState& rasterState) noexcept;
void setVertexState(const VertexState& varray) noexcept;
void setVertexShader(VkShaderModule module) noexcept;
void setFragmentShader(VkShaderModule module) noexcept;
void setRenderPass(VkRenderPass renderPass) noexcept;
// Evicts pipeline objects that were last used more than N milliseconds ago.
void releaseUnused(uint64_t milliseconds) noexcept;
LavaPipeCache() noexcept = default;
// par::noncopyable
LavaPipeCache(LavaPipeCache const&) = delete;
LavaPipeCache& operator=(LavaPipeCache const&) = delete;
using LavaVertex = LavaPipeCache::VertexState;
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